Grant Types + Eligibility

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*Please note*

As of February 2015, all grant applications will be made using Toronto Arts Council’s new grants management system – TAC Grants Online. Applications will not be accepted in any other format.

Project Funding

Project grant programs provide one-time funding for time-limited projects. Project funding is available to eligible music organizations and collectives through the Music Projects program and to eligible individual artists through the Music Creation & Audio Recording program.

*NEW IN 2015*

Toronto Arts Council’s Community Music Making is a new program that recognizes the role that non-professional music organizations play in creating a dynamic and culturally engaged City. This program provides funding to support the Toronto-based activities of non-profit community choirs, opera, orchestras, and ensembles that are committed to building community through music making processes such as creation, workshops, concert production, and other related activities. The City of Toronto provides the funding for this program through its Community Partnership and Investment Program.

Operating Funding

Operating grant programs provide support to non-profit arts organizations (incorporated and unincorporated) for their ongoing activities. The funding contributes to both the artistic and administrative costs associated with the organization’s operations.

Operating programs are offered on an Annual cycle, where the assessment determines the grant allocation for the organization’s next fiscal year, and on a Multi-Year cycle, where the assessment determines the grant allocation for the organization’s next three fiscal years. The Multi-Year Operating cycle is only open to applications once every three years.

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