Toronto Budget 2017

Information on the 2017 Toronto City Operating Budget recommendations, links, public hearings and calls to action are all here.

Arts Funding Budget - TAC grants to be flatlined

The 2017 City Staff recommended operating budget was released on December 6 and is published here: Toronto 2017 Budget

At a Budget Committee meeting on January 24, a motion passed recommending that the City meet its $25 per capita arts funding commitment in 2017 by allocating $2 million from the Major Special Events fund to Toronto’s Canada 150 programming. 

The second part of the motion directed City Council to increase the City’s permanent tax supported arts grants funding by a minimum of $2 million in 2018.

For TAC, this means that there will be no increase to its grants budget for 2017; but we look forward to working with City Council to reinforce the importance increasing funding in 2018 as approved.

The recommendations from Budget Committee go to Executive Committee on Februrary 7 and to full City Council on February 15.  We do not anticipate any changes to the above motions.

Why arts funding is important: click here for key messages.