Platform A

Platform A is a partnership involving four organizations that have pioneered work in the field of community arts in Toronto:

Platform A logo

Art Starts, Jumblies TheatreSketch: Working Arts for Street and Homeless Youth and Vibe Arts. The four organizations work in different areas of the city and have distinct engagement practices. The aim of the Platform A initiative is to fuse the strengths and experiences of the four organizations to support a shared vision of seeding sustainable, high-quality community arts practice, and providing increased opportunities and access to the arts for youth and communities. 

The TAC partnership with Platform A was completed in 2016. The project has created new opportunities through shared platforms, mentorships, organizational bridge building, and microgrants and has tested new models for collaboration and resource sharing in the youth and community-engaged arts sectors. 

For more information on Platform A:

Press Release announcing the final recipients of Toronto Arts Council Platform A microgrants (2017).

Video courtesy of Art Starts, Jumblies, Sketch & Vibe Arts


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